Our Use Case: was to generate key phrases (bi-grams or tri-grams) from reviews instead of generating 1 word topics. 1 word topics do not give a wholistic view of what is being talked about a product in the market but a phrase helps us understand more about whether the words…

In my earlier post, I covered what Federated Learning is at a broad level. Here, I will walk you through how to set up your own Federated Learning based model using a framework called Flower.

We will look at a cross-device and asynchronous design. This is very similar to GBoard

Generate the next sentence using Temporal Convolution Network. (TCN)

Sequence Model

Temporal Convolution Network is a variation of Convolution Neural Networks for sequence modelling tasks. It is a strong alternative to RCNNs (Recurrent networks) and does not suffer from vanishing or exploding gradient problems.

TCNs are implemented using Dilated Causal blocks. Causal…

Prediction Digits (Source)

ResNets or Residual Networks was introduced by Kaiming He, Xiangyu Zhang, Shaoqin Ren, Jian Sun of the Microsoft Research team (Link to the paper). It solved the degradation problem when neural networks are too deep by introducing skip connections or shortcut connections.

The Degradation Problem — When a model gets…

I was given the opportunity to attend Grace Hopper Celebration this year. Virtually!!!. I have attended GHC in the past and did not know what to expect from a virtual celebration.

vGHC was impeccably organised with opportunities to talk to recruiters and companies 1:1 or attend sponsor halls in a…

How the pandemic made me reflect upon my way of living.

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

After my college, I had been working in a high paying software job for 4 years but was extremely unhappy. (And did not even realise it till I was forced to be alone with my thoughts 24*7.) My first couple of years as a new working professional was fun. I…

In this blog, we will look into some commonly used data augmentations.

We will be specifically looking at Pytorch augmentations and Albumentation Augmentations.

You can find the code here.

We will be using the image of this dog.

image used for augmentations

Let’s load the image.

import cv2
import albumentations
image = cv2.imread('image_path')

What is Federated Learning?

Federated learning is a machine learning technique that collaboratively trains an algorithm across multiple decentralized edge devices (desktops, mobiles, tablets, IOT devices, etc.) or servers (data silos) holding local data samples, without the need for sharing the data or centrally aggregating them.

This approach is in…

Today I am going to talk about how to get data from your website aand store it in redshift using AWS server-less architecture. This is probably the easiest and fastest way to start processing your data and build your backend quickly.

Let’s start with building a simple GET restpoint.

  1. Open…

I am a software developer and quarantine for me only meant taking my work home. During these four months of quarantine, my perception of myself changed a lot.

When quarantine started, my life and the routine it had was suddenly disrupted. Let me give you a picture of my life…

Ankita Sinha

Hi, I am Ankita. I write about Machine Learning and how I try to navigate the puzzle called life!

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